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My name is Mike Matush I am a NACHI and AIS certified licensed Home Inspector with a combined 36 years in the home inspection, home improvements, construction, and maintenance industry. I have been taught no matter what you do in life just be the best at it. I enjoy working with my hands and I have always been mechanically inclined. I enjoy working with people and being helpful. The military taught me to be responsible and on time, among other things. My career began in 1979 when I joined the military as a civil engineer in construction, officer quarter remolding, irrigation, and maintenance.


When my tour was over I worked as a plumber in California for a builder until he went out of business and then for a short period I worked for the Home Depot. There I became a department manager in plumbing, kitchen cabinet designing, and irrigation designing.


I obtained my contractor license in California and went on to provide everything from roofing to tiling to everything in between. After a major earthquake in the mid 90’s I decided I did not want to shake, rattle, or roll anymore and sold my company, which still exists to this day, and moved to Tennessee.


I obtained my home improvement license and began working for a home improvement company in Nashville. I sold and installed windows, siding, and designed sun rooms and room additions. I was dabbling in fixer uppers on the side as a hobby which inspecting the homes were a major part of determining what to buy.


Several realtors advised me that the home inspection field was in dire need of my kind experience in Tennessee. There were no regulations or licensing at that time for home inspectors and they wanted to recommend me to their investors and buyers. The state of Tennessee finally mandated that all home inspectors had to take an exam and get licensed and insured. I became the 90th licensed home inspector in the state of Tennessee. I enjoy home inspecting and I keep up on my continuing education.


You can have the confidence in knowing that I am fully qualified and will conduct a through Home Inspection. My Home Inspections provide an accurate, detailed, informative, and personalized report that contains colored photos of the interior and exterior of the home. The report contains a visual overview of all major components of the home based on the condition at the time of inspection. The major components includes the roof, framing, foundation, electric, plumbing, and HVAC. The report will provide a list of repairs that will be clearly identified as where they are located and whether the condition may require monitoring, repair as soon as possible, or warrants further investigation by a specialist in that particular field.



Mike Matush



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